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Here’s a video of Leandra the Man Repeller and I running amok in the re-launched Barneys CO-OP. Leandra styled some looks for me and I for her. She may not know a lot about menswear but she knew enough to put me in lots of Gant, plaid, Rag & Bone and jeans. Good work Leandra. For all the deets on the CO-OP check out The Window on

Disclaimer: This was a compensated partnership with Barneys. Regardless, you all know I shop there all the time. 

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I love both of these blogs and  Barney’s co-op! I need need need that green coat Leandra wears with the zip off leather sleeves!!!

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    John, I want you to know you will be getting shit from me next time we see each other for speaking the words “sequined...
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    Two of my favorites!
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